The top 3 motorcycles that WWE Icon Undertaker and “American Badass” own

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Step into the world of sports entertainment, and you’ll find larger-than-life personas and adrenaline-pumping action.

Among the legendary figures of the WWE stands the imposing presence of Undertaker, a name synonymous with dominance and mystique.

Beyond the squared circle, Undertaker, also known as the “American Badass,” is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, boasting a collection that mirrors his legendary status.

Join us as we rev our engines and explore the top three motorcycles owned by the Phenom himself.

1. The Phenom’s Ride: Custom West Coast Choppers Chopper

When it comes to making a grand entrance, Undertaker spares no expense.

One of the jewels in his motorcycle collection is a custom-built chopper from West Coast Choppers.

Crafted to reflect his persona as the Lord of Darkness, this beast of a bike commands attention with its sleek design and menacing aesthetics.

With its roaring engine and chrome accents, it’s no wonder Undertaker chooses this chopper to make a statement wherever he goes.

2. The American Badass Cruiser: Harley-Davidson Road King

For fans of the Attitude Era, Undertaker’s transformation into the American Badass was a game-changer.

Alongside his persona shift came a new set of wheels: the iconic Harley-Davidson Road King. Decked out in classic black with custom graphics, this cruiser embodies the rebellious spirit of the American Badass.

From roaring down the open road to leading the charge in WrestleMania, this motorcycle is a symbol of freedom and power for Undertaker and his fans alike.

3. Hell’s Chariot: Yamaha VMAX

When it’s time to unleash hellfire and brimstone, Undertaker turns to his trusty steed: the Yamaha VMAX.

Aptly named Hell’s Chariot, this powerhouse of a motorcycle is as relentless as the Deadman himself.

With its muscular frame and ferocious acceleration, the VMAX commands respect on the streets and the ring.

Whether cruising through the darkness or leading the charge in a high-octane match, this legendary bike is a testament to Undertaker’s enduring legacy.


In the world of WWE, Undertaker is more than just a wrestler—he’s a cultural icon.

His passion for motorcycles mirrors his larger-than-life persona, with each ride representing a chapter in his storied career.

From custom choppers to classic cruisers, Undertaker’s motorcycle collection is a reflection of his unmatched charisma and unmatched dominance.

As he rides off into the sunset, his legacy will continue to inspire fans around the world.


1. How many motorcycles does Undertaker own?

While the exact number is not publicly disclosed, Undertaker is known to have a diverse collection of motorcycles, ranging from custom choppers to classic cruisers.

2. Does Undertaker ride his motorcycles in WWE events?

While Undertaker has made memorable entrances on motorcycles during WWE events, such as WrestleMania, it’s primarily for theatrical purposes rather than actual riding in matches.

3. Has Undertaker ever been injured while riding motorcycles?

Undertaker has had injuries throughout his wrestling career, but there are no reported incidents of him being injured specifically while riding motorcycles.

4. Does Undertaker customize his motorcycles himself?

Undertaker collaborates with renowned custom bike builders and designers to create personalized motorcycles that reflect his persona and preferences.

5. Are Undertaker’s motorcycles available for public viewing?

Undertaker’s motorcycles have been showcased at various events and exhibitions, offering fans a rare glimpse into his impressive collection. However, access to his private collection is limited.

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