10 Funniest Far Side Comics Showing Viking Obsession

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Introduction: The Far Side, created by Gary Larson, has been a staple of American humor since its debut in 1980. Known for its surreal and often absurd humor, The Far Side has tackled a wide range of topics, from the mundane to the fantastical. One recurring theme that has captivated fans over the years is Larson’s unique take on Vikings. These Norse explorers, traditionally known for their conquests and exploration, are reimagined through Larson’s lens in hilarious and often unexpected ways. Here, we dive into the 10 funniest Far Side comics that showcase an obsession with Vikings, proving that humor can indeed make history lessons unforgettable.

  1. Viking at a Map Store: A Viking, horned helmet and all, stands puzzled in a modern map store, asking for directions to England. The juxtaposition of a historically accurate Viking lost in the modern world of GPS and map stores is a perfect example of Larson’s humor.
  2. The Viking School: A classroom scene where the teacher, dressed in full Viking attire, scolds a young Viking student for bringing a sword to school instead of the traditional axe. The comic cleverly plays on contemporary issues of school regulations and parental mix-ups.
  3. Viking Therapy Session: Depicting a Viking in therapy, lamenting that he just doesn’t feel like pillaging anymore, Larson touches on the universal theme of existential crisis with a humorous twist, showcasing the softer side of these feared warriors.
  4. The Inept Viking: This comic shows a Viking ship about to set sail, but one Viking struggles to row in the opposite direction. It’s a humorous take on the idea that even in the most fearsome groups, there’s always that one member who just can’t get it right.
  5. Viking Surprise Party: A group of Vikings hide, ready to surprise a fellow Viking for his birthday, only to accidentally scare him to death. This dark humor piece plays on the idea of Vikings being so unaccustomed to friendly gestures that even a surprise party can become a perilous affair.
  6. Viking at the Library: A Viking in a library asks the librarian where he can find books on pillaging and horned helmets, highlighting the stereotype of Vikings and the humorous notion of them wanting to study up on their own clichés.
  7. The Misunderstood Viking: This comic depicts a Viking who prefers knitting to raiding, sitting quietly with his knitting needles. It challenges the stereotype of Vikings as merely fierce warriors, adding a layer of depth to Larson’s Viking obsession with a touch of heartwarming humor.
  8. Viking Weather Forecasting: A Viking uses a complicated, rune-covered device to predict the weather, only to resort to the traditional method of licking his finger and holding it up to the wind. It’s a nod to the complexity of ancient methods and the simplicity often found in traditional wisdom.
  9. The Diet-Conscious Viking: A Viking at a feast is seen questioning the calorie content of the roasted boar, poking fun at modern diet trends and the absurdity of applying them to a Viking setting.
  10. Viking Navigation Debate: Two Vikings argue over directions, with one insisting that “North is that way!” pointing in the opposite direction of the other. This comic plays on the common human experience of navigation disputes, made even funnier by the setting on a Viking longship.

Conclusion: Gary Larson’s The Far Side has a unique way of bringing humor into the intricacies of human (and Viking) life, blending historical stereotypes with modern-day scenarios to create moments of pure comedic gold. These 10 comics not only highlight Larson’s obsession with Vikings but also showcase his ability to make us laugh at the absurdities of life, whether in the past or present. Larson reminds us that, at the end of the day, we’re not so different from those Vikings we read about in history books—perhaps just a bit less inclined to wear horned helmets.

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