Zodiac Signs with Mad Love Potential

To fall madly in love, we must relax. We must fully immerse ourselves in this dizzying experience, tossing caution to the wind and knowing no future is promised.   

We are 'there' now. On Thursday, three zodiac signs will reach that point.  

Leap Year. Why not take the plunge on this life-defining day? Mercury, Jupiter, the Sun, Moon  .

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Mercury have transits that point us toward love, making it easier to be swayed and even'seduced' on a rare and beautiful day.  

Imagine falling in love now, Aries? You've fallen in love before.   

When a great event happens, you go all out. You'll do what's right because why try if you can't win? On Thursday, Mercury in harmony with Jupiter will help you show your lover that you are serious and expect the same in return.  

This is a lucky day for you since the stars connect with your extreme drive to accomplish.   

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