Zodiac Signs with Cold Hearts

Even when talking to you, Sagittarius is always thinking about what they'd rather do and most interested in sharing their desires.  

The fickle Centaur may show enthusiasm for your life, but they don't internalize it and may forget.   

Archers rarely ask about you and are genuine.  If they ask, they may be blunt about their feelings.   

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Virgos are meticulous and analytical. Venus-ruled Earth signs are caring, especially toward animals  

their practicality may make them seem less emotional or warm in some situations.They are notoriously self-judgmental and perfectionists in every situation.   

Head over heart, Virgos lead. Despite their reserved, critical exterior, they have a sensitive heart that can be hurt easily.  

They will take time and test you before opening up to protect themselves. They carefully assess a person's motives before getting close.   

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