Zodiac Signs Love Self

Perhaps playing hard to get means not wanting to conform to someone else's expectations of how we should look or act.  

We're tired of being someone else to make someone else's life easier. We think they should love us for who we are, not that they want us to be. That would make us great pretenders. 

We'll risk facing the world 'as is.' No biggie if we're denied. The goal is to be accepted as we are, not as 'they' want us.  

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Results will surprise us because it's a Uranus transit. Our boldness will show us that being ourselves,  

how to show others that we are most appealing when we are natural, real, and down to earth.  

You like when your companion complements your beauty. Fun part: you don't have to do anything to get compliments.  

Sometimes we believe we must be more. Sometimes we enjoy the moves that make us better.   

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