Zodiac Signs Dream During Rare Mercury, Saturn, and Sun Cazimi This Week

A cazimi double planetary pattern with the Sun forming a stellium in Pisces is rare and poetically flammable.  

If we're one of the three zodiac signs highlighted this week, we may feel like this is Day One of a major journey to pursue a dream.  

Saturn's energy tells us the rules and what we're up against.  

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If we want to achieve our dream, we must remember this. Saturn energy brings realism, and when combined with Mercury and Scorpio, we pursue a dream because it's possible.  

Beginning February 28, 2024, we are not 'dreaming the impossible dream'this week. We are pooling our resources to achieve greatness within the possible.  

This also implies that we can succeed if we get up and work. Upon us. We're here to pursue a dream, and the stars will support us.  

You've always dreamed big, but you've lived in a dreamworld long enough to know some of them are impossible.   

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