Zodiac Sign Hairstyles You'll Love

Your hair defines you. It shows your mood and style. On a bad day, you may not care or feel sick, making your hair look bad.   

Your hair looks great on a good day, boosting your confidence. The same goes for hairstyles—a messy bun may indicate a stressed mom or overworked worker.   

So naturally, your hair can reveal your sun sign. Every zodiac sign is different—air, water, fire, or earth—and hairstyles can show it.  

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A hairstyle that matches your sign can help you feel like yourself and gain self-confidence.   

Consider a hairstyle that reflects your sun sign if you want a new look. Aquarius holds the water container and spills it.  

Water in their hands makes them appear as a water sign, but they're air. Studious and always trying new things, this sign needs a unique hairstyle.  

Astrologer and life coach Natha Campanella told Well + Good, "They're always trying to innovate and make things better than what they are — they're very non-traditional."   

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