Y is concealed between X and K; only the most perceptive eyes can find it in 7 seconds.

The ability to perceive beyond the obvious has long been both a source of fascination and consternation for humans, and optical illusions are no exception. 

Astounding as they are, these images show how our minds fill in blanks and make assumptions when given only partial knowledge, casting doubt on our perception of reality. 

Researchers in the fields of art and psychology continue to delve deeply into optical illusions, seeking to understand how the human brain processes visual data.  

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Psychologists and artists alike have long used optical illusions to probe the complexities of human vision and the ease with which our minds may be deceived. 

By playing with shapes, colors, and patterns, these illusions showcase the remarkable connection between our visual perception and cognitive processes. 

The above image has the letters X and K spread out over eight rows and fourteen columns. 

Hidden among the X's and K's lies the letter Y as well. In the allotted time, can you find the Y? 

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