World's largest cities by population  

The population of the world has now reached 8 billion people and is continuing to expand at a rapid rate across the globe.  

As a direct consequence of this, cities all over the world are also showing significant increases in their populations.  

Worldwide urbanisation and globalisation are two of the most important factors that are contributing to this expansion.   

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It is currently the case that cities are becoming increasingly crowded, which has led to the development of megacities, which are cities with populations that exceed tens of millions.   

Tokyo, which is located in Japan, is recognized as the most populous city in the world, with approximately 37 million people living there.   

When it comes to population, Japan is the 12th most populous country in the world. New Delhi, which is the capital of India  

the country with the most people on the planet, comes in at number two here. The third spot goes to Shanghai, which is located in China.  

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