Who Is Casimir Funk? Why Does Google Have A Doodle For His 140th Birthday?

Google's doodle honored Polish-American biochemist Casimir Funk's pioneering work on vitamins and other essential nutrients.  

Funk called these essential substances "vitamines" (later shortened to "vitamins").  

He investigated the substance that reduced Beri-Beri susceptibility in brown rice eaters compared to fully milled rice eaters. 

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This honor appeared on the February 23, 2024 Google Doodle.Kazimierz Funk grew up and studied in Poland.  

His high school graduation led him to Switzerland to study biology and chemistry.  

Funk received his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Bern at 20, launching his distinguished career in European research institutions. 

Funk eventually studied how food components affect scurvy, cancer, pellagra, and rickets. 

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