Which Zodiac Signs Are Mentally Strongest?

Capricorns cope with suffering with realism and discipline.They solve problems methodically due of their practicality.  

Natives crave dignity, acclaim, and broad favor. However, they are emotionally restrained in relationships.  

Capricorn employs mental cunning instead of force. They also act quickly on good possibilities.  

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This sign is stubbornly self-righteous. Powered by Mars, the ancient god of war, courage, and conflict  

they will rise to achieve their goal despite obstacles.Danger: Due to their intransigence, Taurus should avoid angering others and igniting love.  

Tauruses are patient and grounded. Their steady and practical approach allows them to overcome challenges with elegance and serenity.  

The peaceful, patient, steadfast, and determined Taurus resists change and doesn't want to challenge anyone, but when provoked, will trample anyone who sparks their controlled yet ferocious fury.  

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