Where Does Fortune Fit in Astrology?

The Part of Fortune isn't physical like astrology's planets or asteroids. Thus, it does not exist.  

The Lot of Fortune, Pars Fortuna, or Part of Fortune is a mathematical point calculated from your Sun, moon, and rising signs (known as the Big Three).  

The Part of Fortune is one of dozens of ancient mathematically derived “Arabic Parts” that have faded into obscurity.  

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The Part of Fortune shows us how to maximize luck, abundance, and wealth. When activated, this sensitive placement can create amazing opportunities.   

Transits, aspects, or embodying the energy of that sign can activate it. For example, if your Part of Fortune is in Leo, tapping into your creativity and performative nature will bring luck.  

The Part of Fortune, tailored to your Big Three, provides the necessary energy to live your most Lucky Girl™ life.   

This is stronger than doom-scrolling through ManifestationTok because if you can incorporate your Part of Fortune energy into your career.

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