Weekly Plan & Shopping List: 15-Minute High-Protein Dinners

It’s getting warmer here in Austin, and next week’s forecast is full of sunshine. I plan to take full advantage and get in long walks after work while enjoying the sunset.  

Heat is rising in Austin, and next week's forecast is sunny. I'll take advantage and walk after work at sunset.   

Still, a healthy, tasty dinner is important. This week's dinner plan includes 15-minute meals. Each serving contains at least 15 grams of protein.   

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Protein is known for maintaining muscle mass, but it also supports immune, bone, and cognitive health.  

It also slows digestion, making you feel fuller longer. Salmon is one of my favorite omega-3-rich foods, which fight inflammation and boost health.  

Naturally, I try to make it weekly. The creamy orzo with spinach and mushrooms is comforting and nutritious, providing fiber, iron, potassium, and B vitamins.  

These nutty soba noodles are ready in 15 minutes with only five ingredients for a simple meal.  

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