Visual Illusion Test: Just 2% of People With Perfect Vision Can Identify the Word "Small" from a Smell in Just 8 Seconds

These fascinating pictures show how complex visual processing is by taking advantage of the close connection between the brain and the eyes.  

Optical illusions, which range from seemingly shifting geometric patterns to ambiguous figures that vacillate between two meanings, 

highlight the brain's extraordinary capacity to perceive and misunderstand visual data.  

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Many illusions take advantage of our tendency to generalize, making us see patterns, colors, or motions that don't necessarily correspond to the real world.  

One of the things that makes optical illusions so magical is how they can show how perception is subjective. 

Our brains try to make sense of these mysterious images by combining seemingly contradictory signals, which can have unexpected and wonderful consequences. 

In addition to being entertaining, optical illusions teach us a lot about how our eyes work and how our perception of the world is not always in line with reality. 

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