US jets intercept Utah balloon over altitude

Despite the fact that its origin and purpose were unknown, officials from the United States stated that the small object is not manoeuvrable and does not pose any threat to the safety of flights.  

The airplane was observed flying in an easterly direction over the states of Colorado and Utah on Friday.  

After traveling from Alaska to the east coast of the United States, a Chinese balloon was shot down by the United States Navy in the previous year.  

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The object that was discovered floating around 44,000 feet (13,400 meters) on Friday prompted officials in the United States to scramble fighter jets in order to investigate.  

The military command NORAD, which is responsible for air defense over the United States and Canada, reported that its fighter jets were able to intercept the balloon while it was flying over Utah.  

According to a statement released by Norad, the organization will continue to keep track of and monitor the balloon.  

According to Norad, the Federal Aviation Administration has conclusively determined that the aircraft does not present any threat to the safety of flight.  

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