Unraveling the Hidden Secrets and Strengths of Each Zodiac Sign

It's important to know each sun sign's element, quality, duality, ruling planet, polarity, and magical birthstone along with its dates.  

Polarities are cosmic pairs of two signs exactly opposite each other on the elliptic and six signs apart.   

Polarities include Aries, the first sign, and Libra, the seventh; Taurus, the second, and Scorpio, the eighth.  

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Each zodiac sign has 'active and receptive' masculine and feminine energies.   

compatibility.Hidden Vulnerability: Aries' fiery nature hides a surprising sensitivity.  

Their need for approval makes criticism sharper than it appears. They fight back against critics and work hard to prove themselves.  

Aries' secret superpower is resilience. Their resiliency helps them succeed when others fail.  

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