Top Secret Zodiac Signs

Some zodiac signs like privacy and not making a scene. Some signs tend to keep their inner lives private.  

Determining whether these signs are toxic secrecy or a desire to protect themselves can be alienating.   

Discover the most secretive zodiac signs.Scorpios don't regret their secrecy.   

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They protect the simplest secrets. Scorpios consider all secrets sacred. They keep their secrets because they value inside information.  

Scorpios, fixed water signs, never reveal secrets. They fear oversharing and prefer to keep quiet.  

Scorpios value trust above all else, so they are private. They don't want you to break their trust, so they keep secrets. Controlling their sharing may reduce heartbreak.  

Virgos rarely reveal their innermost thoughts. Even if you're friends with a Virgo, you won't learn much.  

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