Top 10 Countries by Average Women's Height 2024

At 159 cm (5 feet 3 inches), American women were fourth in height 100 years ago.  

They're now 58th at 163.31 centimetres (5 feet 4 inches). South Korean ladies, born in 1896, were known as the third shortest people in the world at 142 cm.  

The average height is 163.23 cm, up from 160.13 cm (5 feet and 3 inches) in 2000.  

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As South Korea and China's economies grow, so do their heights. Netherlands averages 170.36 cm (5 feet 7.07 inches), followed by Montenegro at 169.96 cm (5 feet 6.91 inches).   

Women average 160.95 cm tall worldwide, ranging from 150.91 cm to 170.36 cm.The average height of women varies globally.  

A detailed examination of 1,200 population-based and height-projection studies was undertaken by NCD-RisC in 2022.  

The list:This list uses data from WorldData, Roser M's research, Appel C and Ritchie H's human height research, the National Center for Health Statistics, and other reliable sources.  

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