Three $5 Million+ Rare Coins from Bicentennial Quarter Bonanza!

A quarter might become a collector's treasure with an off-center strike. 

This 15% off-center Bicentennial Quarter is rare. 

The difference in striking gives the coin a unique appearance, with part of the design gone and the rest conspicuous. 

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This miscalculation, combined with the coin's excellent condition, raises its value to $5.2 million, making it a desirable addition to prestigious collections. 

Overstruck Quarters are numismatic anomalies struck over 1971 Eisenhower Dollars, resulting in coins with elements of both denominations. 

This rare mistake coin has a stunning combination of designs and inscriptions, making it popular. 

Its scarcity and story make it worth $5.8 million, highlighting its rarity in coin collecting. 

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