This Rabbit Picture has 3 Differences. Can a genius with sharp eyes discover them in 12 seconds?

With an adorable rabbit image, this spot-the-difference picture puzzle is a visual adventure.   

Pay attention to the details while you enjoy the rabbit scene.   

The artist has cleverly weaved a tapestry of similarities, making the differences a great visual challenge.   

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If you carefully examined the image, you may have found the three small differences. First, notice the rabbit's left ear's tiny position adjustment. 

The second variant is a little patch change. Finally, notice the background foliage's modest leaf arrangement change, the third distinction.  

These intricate details were designed to test your visual acuity, and if you identified them in the 12-second span, you definitely have genius-level eyesight.  

Good job on the Optical Illusion Brain Challenge! Look attentively at the photo to see the Hidden Number 765 in the highlighted region.  

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