These hot drinks will warm you.

Warm yourself up with these twenty toasty beverages if you want to bring the temperature up, 

become snug, and, in certain circumstances, have a cocktail that will make you feel more at ease. 

You should try a bicerin if you enjoy hot chocolate but feel like you need a little more of a jolt in the morning.  

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In its most basic form, this Italian beverage consists of hot chocolate with a shot of espresso (or strong coffee) and whipped cream on top.  

However, Hezzi-D's Books and Cooks can provide you with additional information regarding this beverage. 

This cranberry-apple cider from Betty Crocker is not only delicious but also perfectly timed for the holidays, 

Either a cocktail or a mocktail can be made with this recipe; the former can be made with spiced 

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