There are still circulating Bicentennial Quarters with values over $90 million each.

This quarter, first introduced in 1976 to celebrate 200 years of American independence, has become an investment and collector favorite. 

This listicle sets out on a quest to unravel the complex factors that contribute to its exceptional worth,  

illuminating its historical context, rarity, design skill, and cultural significance. 

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The Bicentennial Quarter is an important part of American history that is deeply woven into the fabric of our nation. 

Its unveiling during the US Bicentennial celebrations made it a concrete symbol of the nation's 200 years of independence and its many historical landmarks. 

Its issue, along with that of the half dollar and dollar coins, commemorated a watershed point in American history with their unique designs that paid honor to the event. 

Historians and collectors regard it for more than just its monetary worth; they see it as a window into America's history, which gives it lasting significance. 

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