The Zodiac Signs That Will Help You Text Your Crush

If you've been dying to message your crush, they're the friend to support your flirty words and cute confessions.  

Astrologer Stina Garbis says some zodiac signs are always ready to help you text your crush due to their ruling planet, which may make them matchmakers and their element.  

Your fire or air sign friend will boost your confidence and ego, even if they reject you.Talking about your crush won't make these zodiac signs roll their eyes because they love love.   

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Instead, they'll invest in connecting you and fuel your fantasy. These people will say your crush will like you and that texting is good.  

They want the excitement and to experience your love life. These zodiac signs always spice up Friday nights with flirty messages and love declarations.  

They will encourage you, read your texts aloud, and demand suggestive emojis.  

They're brave, bold, flirty, and most importantly, they hit send.Taurus, one of the zodiac's best matchmakers, loves texting crushes and making connections.   

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