The Way You Sleep Reveals Your True Character Flaws: A Personality Test

When you sleep, do you wrap your arms around a pillow or do you spread out?  

Examine your character traits according to the way you slumber. 

The relationship between our personality traits and the way we like to sleep has been the subject of a great deal of research by sleep specialists throughout the world.  

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From our preferred sleeping positions to the coffee we drink and the way we gait, our subconscious influences many aspects of our daily lives. 

When we're in our favorite sleeping position, we probably don't give much thought to how we doze off.  

Samuel Dunkell, a pioneer in the field of sleep research, has spearheaded efforts to investigate this connection. 

"The way we sleep is the way we live," writes Dunkell in his book "Sleep Positions," drawing attention to the significant influence of our sleeping habits on our character attributes. 

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