The Top 8 Most Expensive and Rare Bicentennial Quarters, Valuing Over $10 Million, plus 6 Others Worth Over $100,000

The fascinating world of numismatic riches has enchanted collectors all around the globe, and you are about to enter it. 

We provide a list of eight extraordinary Bicentennial quarters worth ten million dollars, along with six others worth more over $100,000, in this post. 

Spectacular examples of the Bicentennial Quarter are selling for over $10,000, solidifying their status as a mesmerizing emblem of intrigue. 

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Quarter from 1976 Commemoration With its remarkable minting anomalies, historical significance, and pristine preservation, this specimen is the ultimate Bicentennial Quarter collectible. 

Its 10 million dollar price tag makes it the most valuable numismatic item in the world.  

Celebration of the Bicentennial: Liberty's Dance Special edition Bicentennial Quarters with elaborate artwork depicting Lady Liberty twirling under the night sky. 

Collectors who respect creative brilliance and symbolic representation in limited edition coins will pay millions for these rare coins. 

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