The smartest people can detect the hotel owner in the old graphic in 5 seconds. May you?

Optical illusions have puzzled and intrigued humans for centuries by forcing us to perceive beyond sight.   

Optical illusion puzzles offer to expand your imagination with mind-bending sights and illogical patterns.   

Discover what's under your nose with these puzzles. These puzzles help you observe and pay attention.  

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The optical illusion puzzle we have today—are you ready? Let's begin. A man arrives at a hotel in the photo above.   

From the gentleman's attire and environment, the image appears to be from the late 19th or early 20th century. He climbs the hotel steps wearing a top hat, coat, and pants and carrying two baggage.   

He will be unhappy because the hotel owner is hidden from guests. However, with enough effort, you can recognize him in seconds. Not hard to find his hiding place.   

You must do that in this optical illusion puzzle. Find the hidden man in 5 seconds or less.   

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