The Right Pet for Your Zodiac Sign

Ideal Pets: Active dogs, horses, exotic birds Aries: Bold, adventurous, and busy. Aries needs an active pet!  

Ideal Match: A faithful German Shepherd with the stamina to match their fire energy,  

an enthusiastic horse for outdoor adventures, or a larger, clever exotic parrot that enjoys learning tricks and interaction.  

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Low-maintenance cats, tortoises are ideal pets. Taurus Energy: Practical, steady, and fond of basic pleasures. Tauruses like routine and calm pets.  

Perfect Match: A fluffy Bombay or British short hair cat that likes to lounge and relax, a gentle guinea pig or dwarf rabbit, or a long-lived tortoise for decades.  

Talkative birds, smart dogs, social small mammals are good pets. Gemini Energy: Intellectual, curious, and fun. Geminis need mental stimulation and a companion pet.  

Perfect Match: A conversational parrot like a cockatiel or budgie, a smart dog like a Border Collie that needs training and mental challenges,   

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