The Rare and Common Zodiac Signs, According to Astrologers

Due to numerous circumstances, a few indicators fight for rarest and most common statistically.  

For one, "these will shift from year to year as birth rates are impacted by many things, including the pandemic," explains Sanctuary Astrology resident astrologer Lauren Ash.  

Weather and holidays also affect the most and least common birth months.Drumroll, please... Aquarius is the rarest.  

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The CDC says February is the least common month for births, thus water-bearer kids are rare.  

Ash also claims that January-February overlap is the shortest astrologically.  

She says that progressive, independent humanitarians question authority to establish a fair atmosphere.  

New York-based astrologer and Advanced Astrology for Life author Constance Stellas says Aquarians may favor friendships over love relationships since they don't appreciate being emotionally burdened.  

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