The purpose of the graphic is to deceive the mind into thinking you only have seven seconds to respond correctly.

Intriguing visual occurrences known as optical illusions fool our eyes and minds, making us rethink our assumptions about the universe. 

As a rule, these surreal visuals throw us for a loop by making implausible shapes, movements, or distortions appear.  

The intriguing interaction between the eyes and the mind is revealed by optical illusions, which take advantage of the intricate way our brains absorb visual information.  

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These optical illusions, which range from the age-old "impossible triangle" to more modern ones, 

reveal the complexity of human perception and never cease to mystify and astonish.  

This eye exam of optical illusions will test your observational abilities to their limit. 

Somewhere in the middle of a busy farmer's market scene is a raccoon that has been cunningly hidden. 

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