The Optical Illusion Eye Test: Finding the Number 76 out of 79 in 6 seconds is only possible with Hawk Eyes.

Your visual acuity and speed of distinction will be tested by completing this visual puzzle. 

Perceiving patterns and familiar features in apparently chaotic groupings is the key to the illusion.  

The unique number 76 deftly disappears into the optical camouflage created by the repetitive pattern of the number 79.  

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Those who possess "hawk eyes" or extraordinarily sharp vision may be able to reveal the concealed number within the allotted time limit.  

While taking this visual test, make sure to look intently at each number and quickly scan the arrangement. 

Look for any changes from the usual pattern and pay close attention to the details.  

In addition to being entertaining, the task brings attention to the complex ways in which our brains process visual information. 

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