The Key Difference Between Beignets and Zeppoles

Beignets and zeppoles can be found at a local bakery or in the baked goods section of your grocery store without crossing   .

the Atlantic Ocean, going to the French Quarter in New Orleans, or visiting Italian neighborhoods in New York.  

Even though they're more accessible, it's not always clear what distinguishes beignets and zeppoles from other doughnuts or each other.   

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Both types of sugar-coated fried dough have many similarities, but there are some key differences.Besides their origins, French beignets and Italian zeppoles differ most in shape.   

Beignets are neatly cut into rectangular pieces before frying, but zeppole are free-form spheres .

they are spooned into hot oil. Their appearances are unique, but so is the dough's flavor and texture.   

Yeast gives beignets an airy dough, while ricotta gives zeppoles a luscious (but loose) interior.  

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