The Bodega Holds Plant-Based Meat's Future

In 2020, the pandemic shut down the city, but bodegas saved us. Bodegas provided chopped cheeses, iced coffee, and toilet paper 24/7 while restaurants were closed.  

Vegan BEC sandwiches may become a New York staple if more bodegas served them.  

Additionally, plant-based meat of all kinds is often criticized for being too expensive and inaccessible.  

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Plantega and bodegas create vegan sandwiches. They teach chefs, provide menus and signage, and order ingredients.   

Plantega retailers appear on delivery apps. Bodegas retain all in-store profits and split delivery income with Plantega.  

Plantega orders spike late at night because vegan options are scarce.   

Although I'm a carnivore and dubious of plant-based meat alternatives, I'm enthusiastic about sustainability and attempt to eat vegetarian.   

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