The Bodega Holds Plant-Based Meat's Future

Where else can you chat baseball with the clerk and buy a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, deodorant, and a popsicle at 3 a.m.?   

over eight million people live in New York City, and its bodegas are 13,000 beating hearts.  

In 2020, the pandemic shut down the city, but bodegas saved us. Bodegas provided chopped cheeses, iced coffee, and toilet paper 24/7 while restaurants were closed.  

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However, these supermarkets rarely carry plant-based foods. Vegan BEC sandwiches may become a New York staple if more bodegas served them.   

Additionally, plant-based meat of all kinds is often criticized for being too expensive and inaccessible.  

Yorker Nil Zacharias considered. He intended to develop a plant-based brand for bodega shoppers.

He founded Plantega, the first convenience store plant-based meat provider, in 2021.  

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