Thai Basil Beef Noodles.

Thai Basil Beef Noodles in 30 Minutes. Easy weeknight dinner better than takeout.  

Fast-cooking rice noodles with Thai-inspired sauce, fresh veggies, and butter-pan-seared beef.  

Basil beef noodles are saucy, salty, and spicy enough. Top beef and noodles with toasted garlicky sesame seeds. So tasty.  

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As kids, we rarely ordered takeout. Dad cooked every night of the week. As a family of 8, we usually made homemade dinners except for Friday and Saturday nights when we ordered pizza.  

This usually happened when both parents were too busy to cook. My brothers adored Chinese and Thai takeout, especially fried rice or beef and noodles.  

I've made many Thai basil beef meals, but none with rice noodles. This time last year, I made my favorite garlic butter chicken pad Thai.  

These beef pad Thai noodles are created without the egg and with a few specific ingredients that make them so delicious!  

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