Super vision is needed to locate the pig in the clown picture in 7 seconds.

Regularly completing these problems improves lateral thinking and problem-solving. Brain teasers are the cherry on top—fun to solve.   

We hope so because we have a brain teaser that requires you to combine your senses. Let's begin.  

Feeling weary lately? It's like you don't want to do anything but must. These indicate burnout. Rest and breather are needed to eliminate this.   

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Fortunately, we can solve this problem. Brain teasers, yes. Brain teasers are proven mood boosters that rejuvenate your brain.   

The image above shows two clowns. One clown is sobbing in an arena.  

While touching the right clown, the left clown assures him everything will be fine.   

The clown on the right appears to be inconsolable. The disaster is being watched by a throng.   

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