Six Rare Dimes and a Bicentennial Quarter Worth $56 Million Are Still Circulating.

Any coin aficionado will thrill at the thought of spotting this Liberty head jewel among daily cash. 

Unmatched Rarity The rarest is the 1894-S Barber Dime.  

Mysterious Coin The rare 1913 Liberty Head Nickel is a numismatic gem. Only five exist. 

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Years after being produced as pattern coins, these nickels became valuable. 

Seeing one in your pocket change is numismatic luck. 

World War II rarity Due to copper shortages, the U.S. Mint made pennies using zinc-coated steel during WWII. 

Today, 1943 Copper Pennies are prized, and finding one in your pocket change is like winning the lottery. 

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