Seeing the captain's cutlass on the ship in 11 seconds shows you have hawk eyes.

Since ancient times, optical illusions have puzzled and intrigued humans by challenging our brains to perceive beyond sight.   

This puzzle promises to expand our imagination with mind-boggling graphics that fool our eyes and mesmerizing patterns that defy logic.   

These riddles reveal what's near us. These illusory puzzles improve perception and detail.   

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The optical illusion puzzle we have today—are you ready? Let's begin.   

The photo puzzle above shows two people on a ship at the railing, overlooking the sea.  

At the front, the ship's captain and second-in-command watch for attackers. The captain has a deadly cutlass but can't find it.   

We hope you are. The time limit for this brain teaser puzzle is 11 seconds. Just take your phones, set your timers, and start. Best wishes, folks.   

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