Research suggests neutering Rottweilers may shorten their lives

From July 1994 to June 2021, VetCompass Australia examined clinical records of 3,085 intact and 4,100 neutered Rottweilers.  

Males neutered before one year of age lived one-and-a-half years and females one year shorter than their intact counterparts.  

Neutered dogs under four-and-a-half years had similar results  

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Our study was one of the first to show that neutering dogs does not increase their lifespan,  

That wasn't what we found, which was surprising. We had statistics on when dogs were desexed and died, which was lucky."  

Non-neutering a dog can lead to Pyometra, mammary tumors, and unwanted offspring.   

The shorter lifetime is likely due to weight issues, therefore I recommend neutering your dog but keeping it at a healthy weight.  

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