Relationship Zodiac Signs Who Need Space

Ariana Grande's "I'm just sayin', baby, I can't really miss you if I'm with you," touched me.  

Although you love your partner, time apart is helpful (and, in my opinion, vital) for every couple.  

Zodiac signs want "me time" because they desire privacy in partnerships. Like outdated iPhone batteries, these indicators need time to recharge alone.  

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Sorry, babe. Me, not you. Kind of you, too.Sex and intimacy consultant Irene Fehr told Elite Daily that it's normal to need time apart from your partner.  

We have two competing needs that collide in a relationship: the need to be individuals and the need to be in relationship or connection with another human being; to be ourselves and to belong," stated.   

They feed each other. Partner support makes us feel safe being ourselves.   

This sign's romantics may like spending time together, but they'll clash if they do.   

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