Raspberry-honey glazed rolls.

Raspberry-honey glazed rolls. Honey-infused, raspberry-swirled brioche.  

A light raspberry sugar-dusted honey cream cheese frosting was then applied. So tasty! Every roll is delicate, fluffy, and sweet enough to melt in your mouth.  

Do you sense my spring-focused mood today? With Easter coming up (March 31st), I'm planning additional spring-forward meals.   

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Recipes for salads, seafood, breakfast, and berry desserts! Also carrot cake! Excited to offer these dishes soon!The Easter season is so much fun! Everyone anticipates spring (March 19th).   

Lighter and colorful foods are pleasant to make and liven things up. These rolls are just the start.Since my last sweet roll, it's been forever.  

had a clear vision of how these rolls should turn out when I had this idea.   

So excited, I made them right away.They resemble a cinnamon roll, glazed doughnut, and sweet pastry.   

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