Puzzle IQ Test: Can you find 7 faults in the living room photo in 10 seconds? Only logicians can!

In this Puzzle IQ Test, you have 10 seconds to find seven faults in a living room picture.   

This activity takes a keen eye and logical reasoning to spot image differences.

When inspecting the living area, evaluate placement, dimensions, and out-of-place items.  

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Identifying seven faults in a living room photo in 10 seconds may seem impossible, but a systematic approach can help.  

Next, check mirror and glass reflections to ensure they appropriately portray the room. Look for unusual patterns on drapes or carpets.  

Lighting source alignment and intensity discrepancies may indicate mistakes. Check wall decor and frames for asymmetry or misalignment.  

Finally, check the room's colors and textures for deviations from the style.   

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