Optical Illusion Brain Challenge: Only 2% can spot Dream in Cream in 7 Seconds

The assignment may appear straightforward, but the letters' intricate interweaving creates a compelling visual illusion.  

Focus for 7 seconds on the letter arrangement and try to find 'Dream.'  

The solution is careful observation. Look for minor nuances as you study the letter arrangement.  

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The 'D' is cleverly hidden in the 'C' curve, while the 'R' blends with the 'E' and 'A.'   

The 'M' elegantly emerges from the composition, completing 'Dream.' Congratulations on finding it in 7 seconds!  

Your vision and attention are top 2%. Optical illusions are hard, yet the challenge is a fun brain workout.   

Finally, check the room's colors and textures for deviations from the style.   

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