Perplexing Optical Illusion: Just 2% of People Are Able to Identify 80 Out of 88 in Just 8 Seconds

This optical illusion presents a novel take on the age-old word search puzzle: just 2% of the population is able to identify 80 out of 88 possible numbers!  

The way light reflects off of objects and how your eyes perceive that light may create illusions that affect your perception of reality. 

Visual illusions, at their core, are tricks of the eye that fool the viewer's perception.  

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An intricate scientific explanation exists for the effectiveness of visual illusions. 

They are reliant on the way your brain interprets visual information, including hue, brightness, pattern, and even assumptions formed from past experiences. 

Several occurrences of the number "88" are probable throughout the shown sequence of numbers here. 

But one of them is fake since the "88" disguises the number "80" in a cunning way. 

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