Optical Trick Recognize Difference Puzzle: Only extra-observant people can spot 3 cat picture differences in 12 seconds.

These illusions are more than just interesting; they teach us a lot about how our visual processing system works. 

An intriguing example of the dynamic between sensory input and cognitive interpretation is the brain's effort to decipher confusing stimuli. 

Intriguing visual phenomena known as optical illusions deceive our perceptions and test our assumptions about the world.  

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When an image can be seen in two distinct ways, shifting between the foreground and the background, this phenomenon is known as the ambiguous figure-ground illusion.  

The motion illusion is another fascinating kind; it gives the impression of movement to still images by making them seem to be in motion when looked at. 

Find three small differences in a series of cat pictures in the allotted twelve seconds in this optical illusion spot-the-difference picture puzzle.  

The pictures are so artfully designed to fool the eye that it's difficult to tell them apart. 

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