Optical Illusion: If You Have Sharp Eyes, You Can Find the Odd One in Just 11 Seconds!

Do you think you can find the one in eleven seconds? 

Take part in a fast and entertaining brain exercise while testing your visual abilities. 

In just eleven seconds, those with keen eyesight may spot the strange camel in The Optical Illusion, a test of your visual acuity. 

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Optic illusions are meant to amuse, not test, your eyesight, so push yourself to the limit and see if you can solve the riddle in the allotted time. 

View the picture with the herd of camels. Although they appear to be indistinguishable at first look, there is one camel that differs slightly.  

Just look at the camel with your unaided sight and mentally put them all together.  

Look closely at the camel and see if you can spot any differences—in color, shading, missing details, or anything else. 

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