Optical Deception You need to be a genius to find the three differences in this fish image in just twelve seconds.

The brain is tricked into interpreting images in unexpected ways by optical illusions, which are often made through artful manipulations of light, patterns, and color. 

When we see ambiguous figures in an illusion, our brains might go back and forth between two possible meanings.  

Some artists experiment with perspective, manipulating depth and size to trick the eye. 

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As a demonstration of the brain's flexibility and capacity for interpretation, these illusions highlight the intricacies of human cognition.  

Visual illusions are a powerful tool for researchers in the fields of art, science, and psychology to test our perceptional boundaries and learn more about how the brain works with visual data. 

Mysteries of the Eye Find the Three Distinct Features in This Fish Picture in Just Twelve Seconds! Only a Genius Could Do It! 

By manipulating our perception of light and dark, optical illusions enchant and baffle onlookers.  

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