Only the most observant can spot a hunter and his dog hunting a rabbit in 6 seconds.

Optical illusions have puzzled and intrigued humans for centuries by forcing us to see beyond sight.  

Optical illusion puzzles promise to expand your imagination with mind-bending visuals and illogical patterns.  

Discover what's under your nose with these puzzles. These puzzles help you observe and pay attention.  

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The optical illusion puzzle we have today—are you ready? Let's begin. A man with a gun and cigar is searching the forest in the image above.   

A vicious dog stands beside him. The two appear to be searching. Searching for what? A small rabbit.  

The man and his dog were hunting in the forest when they saw a small rabbit. The rabbit hid because it sensed danger. The hunter and dog remain on the prowl.   

You must find and rescue the rabbit from the hunter. May you? Find out. Grab your phones and set timers—you have 6 seconds to find the rabbit.   

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