Only the most focused observers will have enough time to identify the bear in this 8-second optical illusion.

This forces us to negotiate competing interpretations in our minds. 

When we see an optical illusion, it will captivate us and test our perception and thinking.  

With the ambiguous figure, one can see the same visual cues in different ways, which makes it one of the most prevalent optical illusions. 

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An intriguing variation is the motion illusion, which uses still images to give the impression that they are moving.  

These illusions are used by both artists and researchers to study the complexities of human vision and cognition.  

Even in the fields of art, design, and psychology, optical illusions have a major impact. 

They are utilized by artists to produce surreal works that surpass our expectations, and by psychologists to learn more about how our brains interpret visual data.  

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