Only Smart People Can Find the Odd One in This Image in 5 Seconds

Identifying the unique ingredient is difficult. Scan the image fast and find the piece that doesn't match the pattern  

High-IQ people are good in pattern identification and cognitive quickness, so they can recognize the odd one quickly.  

Stay focused and utilize your keen observation skills to spot small discrepancies in the timeline.  

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The green apple is the unusual one in the vegetable image seek-and-find problem. Because the green apple isn't a vegetable, it sticks out.  

High-IQ people can easily spot anomalies like this because they can see minute differences and patterns.   

With great observation and cognitive quickness, people with a higher IQ may identify the unexpected ingredient in 5 seconds  

Optical illusions show the brain's ability to be misled and enticed, from ambiguous figures to shifting patterns.   

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