Only one in ten people with a creative eye can find the hidden ruler in eleven seconds when taking the optical illusions IQ test!

You learn to focus, be creative, and notice details you would normally ignore when you're in a race against the clock to uncover something hidden in an image. 

The Way You Wear Your Hair Can Tell People a Lot About Your Character 

The ability to solve these riddles rapidly is indicative of creative thinking and keen observation rather than a high IQ.  

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Success in these areas is typically associated with pattern recognition, a talent that has been associated to IQ and creativity. 

Another characteristic of an imaginative mind is the capacity to shift viewpoints with ease. 

Immerse yourself in this hypnotic underwater show, where a disguised king lurks among gracefully swaying sea plants, a sneaky shark, and darting fish. 

Only one out of ten people with a very imaginative mind and keen powers of observation can find the ruler in eleven seconds, so it's clear that this is not an easy task. 

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